VOIP Business Phone Systems

Discover how a business VOIP phone system can help you. We install and maintain many kinds of VOIP phone systems, let us pick the right one for you. Installs start at $2,000.


What is "VOIP" ?

Voice over Internet Protocol is just a fancy term for cloud based phone systems. We are able to port over your old landline to VOIP to keep your number and allow for great features such as; auto attendants, voice prompts & greetings, video conferencing, voice to email transcription, call transfers, internal extensions, the ability to use the system from anywhere (call forwarding), and much much more.

What are the fees?

None. There is no charge to add or use features that would normally cost money such as; video, voicemail, voice-to-text, or chat. Plus, it is fully scalable and easy to add more phones and users as you grow your business. Just buy the phone.

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